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What is this project?

The Social Canvas Projects' inaugural project: Art Politics in light of the Russo-Ukrainian War was a concert and panel discussion held on the 8th December, 2023, 5:30PM at London School of Economics.

Who were the guests?

What are the themes of the panel talk?

• Where and how should practitioners in the Creative Industry situate themselves in times of political turmoil and/or ethical dilemma.

• An exploration the works of celebrated political artists in the past, and how have they situated themselves in times of political turmoil and/or ethical dilemma.

• Exploring the works of our own guests and contemporaries in the same nature as the previous topic. (Gabriel Prokofiev's Howl for electronics and clarinet, Dr. Khabat's world-touring bombshell cello etc.)

• Exploring similarities and differences between the cultural and historical context in the work of previous artists and our contemporaries.

• How we should enhance and promote the collaboration between disciplines to elevate the impact of the Creative Arts.

• What can we as individuals and institutions do to cultivate such awareness in younger generations.

White Silk

Art politics in light of the Russo-Ukrainian War 

8th December, 2023

LSE Shaw Library, London, WC2B 4RR

Take a look at our programme!

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