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Image by Alvan Nee

Event space designer

My name is
Event Space Designer
  • Work closely with event managers and the executive team to understand event requirements, objectives, and vision for the space.

  • Low budget space designing speciality is preferred 

  • Develop creative and innovative event space concepts that align with the event's purpose.

  • Design layouts, floor plans, and 3D renderings to visually communicate the proposed concepts.

  • Analyze the event space, considering its size, layout, and existing infrastructure.

  • Develop detailed floor plans, indicating the placement of various elements, such as seating areas, stages, exhibitor booths, registration desks, and interactive installations.

  • Optimize space utilization to create flow, maximize capacity, and facilitate smooth guest movement throughout the event.

  • Create visually engaging presentations, mood boards, and presentations to effectively communicate design concepts to clients, event planners, and other stakeholders.

  • Incorporate branding elements and corporate identities into the event space design, ensuring consistency and reinforcing the client's image.

  • Oversee the installation and setup of the event space, ensuring that the design plan is executed accurately and to the client's satisfaction.

Up to 10 hours a week
Image by Karsten Winegeart


Who are you?
Researcher(s) Any creative arts sector
  • Extremely vital role who will work closely with the executive team in formulating new events

  • Looking for researchers in any discipline of the creative industry to carry out research with the purpose of strategising new projects and maximizing the social impact of our projects

  • Literature Review: Conduct comprehensive literature reviews to gather existing knowledge and identify gaps in the research area of interest. Summarize and analyze relevant studies, articles, and publications to inform the research project.

  • Data Collection: Assist in collecting data through various methods, such as surveys, interviews, experiments, or observations. Follow research protocols and ensure data integrity and accuracy.

  • Data Analysis: Analyze collected data using appropriate statistical or qualitative analysis techniques. Help interpret the results and draw meaningful conclusions from the findings.

  • Work with creative directors and designers in presenting research results in reports, charts and graphs etc.

(Flexible) but around 5-10 hours per week
Dog's Portrait

Graphic designer/Illustrators

Who are you?
Graphic designer/Visual artists
  • Visual Branding: Develop and maintain the visual identity and branding guidelines, ensuring consistency across various materials and platforms.

  • Create visually appealing and impactful designs for promotional materials, such as brochures, flyers, posters, banners, and social media graphics.

  • Social Media Graphics: Develop eye-catching and shareable graphics for social media platforms, helping to increase awareness, engagement, and support for our initiatives.

  • Event Promotion: Create event-specific designs and visuals to promote fundraising events, campaigns, or other charitable initiatives. This includes event invitations, signage, digital banners, and promotional materials.

  • Illustration and Artwork: Create original illustrations or artwork that align with our mission and can be used in various materials, including publications, websites, and social media.

  • Infographics and Data Visualization: Design visually compelling infographics and data visualizations that effectively communicate complex information, statistics, or impact reports to stakeholders and the public.

(Flexible) but up to 5 hours per week
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